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MK Creatives combines our many years of expertise in trade shows, exhibits, fashion shows, technology development and fashion & lifestyle publishing under one roof.

Our goal is to provide our clients creative & production guidance that leads to immediate and short term results on their trade practices in US and Global Showcases.

Being exposed to different regional markets in US as well as European retail and trade show environments, helps us to guide our international clients in process of emerging into US markets, the right and practical way of positioning them into to the new markets they desire to have a place in.

Industries we service

  • International Small to Mid Size Companies entering US market.

  • Fashion & Ready to Wear Brands


We provide one to one tailored services to brands/companies who already have existing operations overseas, and guide them from building and creating awareness for their product in US markets, by trade show participation guidance, brand image and tailored content creation for their specific industry.

Upon the client/brand we service start seeing the results they envisioned, if they decide to firm and expand their existence in US markets, we then provide consultancy on forming US based domestic company, create online presence and advise them on creating a logistical base locally for to be able to create a functioning distribution and/or retail presence.

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